Moviebox app for iphone. Download for iOS and PC

Most of us know the app Popcorn Time, which allows us to watch subtitled online movies that is only available for Android, and if you want it in iOS: your iphone must have Jailbreak. However.

Moviebox without jailbreak for ipad
download moviebox 3.3.7 without jailbreak

Not all or the majority risk to install it for the fear that our iphone or ipad will be vulnerable or exposed to possible viruses leading to the loss or stealing of information.

Moviebox for ipad: the app to watch free movies

For that, Moviebox is here an app that we can install in our ipad or iphone without Jailbreak, then Movie box is there a free app to watch movies on iphone and compatible for pc. This app has thousands of actual movies; although not the most recent ones but those released one or two moths back.

To download moviebox for iphone or ipad (updated on May) follow the following steps:

With this app we´ll have the option to see online movies for ipad or iphone besides series as The Walking Dead, Daredevil, The Flash and many more…

It is free for iOS without Jailbreak – iOS 7 – 8.1.3 – 8.3 – iOS 9 and 9.2 updated to see movies on iphone 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S / 6 / 6S – It is an app to watch free movies on iphone

Well, next I´ll show you the process of downloading and instalation of moviebox for iphone and ipad in an easy way.

Steps to install movie box without jailbreak

  1. We´ll have to log in with our device to the following link
  2. We´ll see two options, we´ll just click where it says Download (original edition).
    vshare service official
  3. Then we´ll see this window requesting permits, we click on Install.
    install profile - vShare Store
  4. Once installed the app Vshare Store in our devices we launch it and write Movie Box in the same search box of the app.
  5. Now we´ll proceed to download our app to see movies and series for free in iOS.
    SSL api appvv com vSharehere
  6. When we try to open it the first time we´ll have the following message that you´ll see in the image, but don´t worry, this app is 100% trustworthy.
  7. To open the app we must grant permits going to Settings/ General/ Profile and Devices/ Click on “Suzhou City Green…”
  8. Then we click on Trust and ready: we can now open our app to watch free movies online. Easy right?

Activate Subtitles for MovieBox ipad in 2 steps

Movie Box for iphone It offers Spanish subtitles and in many languages, for it to work, do the following:

  1. Enter to Once inside we´ll log in to an account. Remember you must revise your mail to confirm creation of the account. I registered with an Outlook mail without problems 😀
  2. Then we open “MBox”, we select the movie and resolution that we want to see, and click SUBTITLES. It will appear a list of subtitles, choose which you want more.

how to watch movies with subtitles ipad

  1. Will request to enter Username and Password of the account we created previously, we proceed to select and download any subtitle (as you can see all the subtitles are extracted from opensubtitles). Then we click in WATCH NOW.

Up until here I think that you must be relaxed enjoying your favorite movies or series.

Main features of the app

Ok it is a Little silly to leave the features at the end of the article, but I decided this way because I consider that the process of installation is the main thing; due to the big demand and and craving for many users (as you) to use the app:

Besides with Moviebox: free movies app for ipad, we have five categories, among them:

We can also sort and filter by title, rating, year, genre, etc. (see image):

best tv show iphone app

Considerations you should Know

Watch and download movies in an ipad

To finish we must add that with movie box besides watching online series in our iphone we can also download movies in the ipad in the quality video we select, watch out: I repeat it works without jailbreak.

If you want to watch movies on your Android device, you can visit and download this free application . It has a nice interface to view hundreds of series , documentary and movies streaming:

I how it was useful this little guide. ¡Oh! Thanks for your time.